Prevention Service Plan

Offering the “Prevention Service Plan”

Taking the remembering out of “when was my last pump out?” and minimizing unpleasant surprises!

With this plan in place we do the remembering for you. We tailor the plan to your specific situation. We will let you know when and what service is required via phone, email, text etc.

When we pump your septic tank, we will take note of several key indicators of your septic system such as size, load, location, age and its overall condition.

With this information, we will make some recommendations regarding a preventative maintenance schedule for your particular septic system and usage estimate.

Preventative Maintenance

Our program involves:

  • Servicing your septic tank effluent filter once a year
  • evaluating levels of sludge and determine the need for cleaning
  • septic tank inspection
  • determining a suitable clean out/pumping schedule depending on the size, age and usage of your tank
  • maintaining a record of tank condition, pump outs and effluent filter services
  • providing email or phone reminders of recommended services
  • notifying you by email of phone of the inspections findings and inform you of your next recommend pump out
  • advise and recommend necessary repairs or upgrades
  • schedule pump outs and cleaning @ your convenience

Failing to Properly Maintain Your Septic System be Can be Costly

If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about your septic system. As long as it’s working, why would you think it needs attention? With minimal preventative maintenance, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and unnecessary costs in the future.

What are the potential issues resulting from a failed system?

  • Contamination of groundwater- When your septic system fails, the untreated contaminants can reach groundwater creating a number of health related issues. Bacteria and viruses from human waste contaminants can cause a serious outbreak of diseases such as hepatitis or dysentery.
  • Nitrates and phosphates contained from waste can cause algae blooms in local lakes and streams causing harm to aquatic life
  • Failed septic systems can be downright nasty. Waste odors and soggy lawns are extremely unpleasant in addition to potential health hazards
  • the replacement of a septic system is EXPENSIVE. Just like other types of normal maintenance in your home, regular maintenance of your septic system can be the difference between a minimal yearly expenditure and replacement costs in the thousands

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